Песня One Thought Per Second

Исполнитель Asthmaboy
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Текст песни One Thought Per Second

I realize I must observe this

That I just can’t expect to know when

You’re right, I tend to overthink these things

At one thought per second, I just made my first mistake

So the mighty back has broken

And sooner than you might have thought then

I just want to settle down some

Not alot, just enough so I’m cozy and warm

It’s too soon, yes I’ve observed this

When distance is a complication of choice

But every second of my travel to you

Is worth the time it takes, just to hear your voice

Far far away, will you stay, will you stay?

For once can’t things just fall in place for me

Why must this intuitive sense invent

I’m trying not to parse your prose to death

When instinct wants to tell me half of what you meant

Far far away, will you stay, will you stay

If only just the weekend?

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