Песня Down To The Puget Sound

Исполнитель Asthmaboy
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Текст песни Down To The Puget Sound

God sent a flaming message from space today

To destroy the human race

Right down, even to the Puget Sound

Everyone thought he was going to send his son

But instead they got a billion tons of rock

That pounded down into the Pacific crown

Upon arriving, this fiery ball

Destruction rained down upon us all

Even down, down to our little town

We held hands close, at the edge of the earth

As the pacific died of thirst

No-one even cried

We just all stood there petrified

As the earth began to divide

It’s a shame that we’ll never know

The conclusion to our favourite shows

We will never know the outcome

Of those fanciful lives on TV

After the earth had split in half

Its gravity relaxed

Down, down to your warning frown

We held hands close as we spun into space

And we waved down

Down, back down to our Puget Sound

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