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Исполнитель Asthmaboy
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Текст песни An Abbreviation

I like that she has cats on her shoes

And a little tatoo

It says life in Polski

The city of Portland, it misses me

Can’t it shift parallel to the coast

And fold three hundred miles?

To form the highest peak around

With a train that tunnels underneath

Of which I would ride

Of which I would ride

I like how she curls her head toward me

When she’s falling asleep

But when eyes close the hours transpose

Into a thousand tiny seconds

They count down ’til the very end

when the ground settles home again

Before I depart for an apathetic north

We will say goodbye

Until next time

We wave goodbye

The very second

We cancel out the time

You will be waking

when I reach the other side

Beneath the surface

Of our north and south divided


I wish we had more time

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